Many companies that deal with large-scale distribution not only in Italy and Europe, but also in America, China and Japan, have chosen our vinegars for their private labels: Auchan, Sma, Carrefour, Metro, Aldi, Norma, MD- LD, Crai … and the big brands like Sasso, Amazon, Louit Frères, Berni, Isnardi, Ardoino, Cirio, Coricelli, Fiorucci, Carapelli, and Drogherie & Alimentari and others in the BIO world. The absolute quality, the production capacity and the variety of the range are the fundamental factors that allowed Varvello to become a partner of the big names in the industry and organized distribution (GD and GDO).

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On Certain Occasions, have a King to Announce You.

There are occasions that deserve our best. This is why we thought of including the best of Varvello products in precious gift packages, so as to offer your friends the beauty and goodness of a vinegar that will never cease to amaze you.

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