“The connoisseur does not drink wine but tastes its secret”
Salvador Dalì

Dalì’s aphorism invites us to discover the secrets enclosed in a glass of wine. Varvello has always paid keen attention to the “Made in Italy”, dedicating time and passion to the tasting and to the selection of the finest wines, as the best sommeliers are asked to do. Varvello’s wish was to personally discover the art of viticulture and vinification, the traditions closely linked to the wine-growing regions of the “Bel Paese” (“Beautiful Country”), by selecting the most suitable wines for its vinegar production. From Varvello’s native region, Vermouth, Barolo and Barbaresco. From the Veneto region, the lively Prosecco wine and, from sunny Sicily, the Pinot Grigio, aging for three long years before showing up at your table. The result? A vinegar with a surprising flavour and a unique colour. This is just the beginning: our glass of wine has other secrets to disclose! Let’s find out together…


Prosecco Wine Vinegar PGI

Varvello brings to your table the vinegar produced with Prosecco PGI wine, the most world-wide exported Italian wine. This Prosecco wine vinegar has its roots in a supply chain project implemented by some wine families sharing the same traditions and passion for viticulture.
With the same straw yellow colour of the Prosecco PGI wine, it is excellent with light dishes such as seafood and meat salads.
Surprise your guests by seasoning with Prosecco wine vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Rosé Wine Vinegar

Obtained by the fermentation of selected table wines, mainly from Sicily and with a high alcohol content, this Rosè wine vinegar adds a delicate taste to all the summer fish and white meat salads, enhancing the aromas of your vegetables. It will surprise you when combined with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Its distinctive colour comes from the rosé wine with which it is produced.
To the lovers of wines with an unmistakable colour and flavour, Varvello has dedicated the Rosé Condiment.
Full-bodied, velvety and coquettish, it will entertain gracefully both the most delicate and the boldest combinations.

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Barolo and Barbaresco Wine Vinegar CGDO

The vinegar obtained from Barolo CGDO and Barbaresco CGDO is produced with Piedmont noble wines with a high alcohol content. Varvello is proud of this vinegar which is the result of a supply chain project implemented by some wine families sharing the same Piedmont traditions and the passion for viticulture.
Aged in tonneaux, finally this vinegar will be brought to your table at the end of 2019 to celebrate with you the arrival of the new year. The long aging in barriques enhances its aroma and flavour, thanks to the residual alcohol content released during its slow fermentation.
Varvello is the only producer in the world of this prestigious wine vinegar which is appreciated by Bottura, the Modenese star-winning chef, and it is ubiquitous in the best kitchens of international restaurants.
A noble pairing? The Barolo and the Barbaresco CGDO wine vinegar with a high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Savor them together on your favorite dishes.

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Pinot Wine Vinegar

The Pinot Grigio wine vinegar is made with wines from Sicily, a land particularly
appreciated by Varvello for the high quality of its grape varieties. The secret of this vinegar
is the long aging of wines. The Pinot Grigio vinegar is aged for three long years in wooden
barrels. The result is a vinegar with a unique, amber colour and a fruity pleasant taste.
Pinot Grigio wine vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil: the perfect essential combination in
your kitchen. Surprise your guests!

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Vermouth Wine Vinegar

This vinegar is a tribute to Vermouth, the historical wine from Turin, whose origins date back to the end of the 1800s. The Vermouth vinegar, which is obtained from grape must, is ideal for your meat barbecues. It is ubiquitous in the kitchens of the greatest chefs for marinating meat.
Surprise your guests by combining the Vermouth wine vinegar with an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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