These vinegars are reserved for the world of catering and for the preparation of cooks and chefs in the kitchen. This is why they are presented in particular formats that are more suitable for intensive and frequent use, without compromising the quality that made Varvello to be loved in Italy and in the world.

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI

A specialty with origins as distant as they are noble. Born from the happy union of the wine vinegar of our production with the selected cooked grape must, it is enriched by a long maturation in the new vinegar plant in Bastiglia, in the province of Modena.
Unmistakable for its dark brown colour with reddish reflections, and for its sweet and sour taste, balanced and pleasant with fruity notes (typical of plum and cherry), it goes perfectly with red meat (also raw), roasts, grana cheese, risotto, ice cream and berries.
Available in different types.

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Red and White Wine Vinegar

It is a wine vinegar made from Italian wines through a biological and natural fermentation system. Even the colour is the natural one of the wines from which the vinegar is produced: white vinegar comes from white wines of Sicily and has a characteristic straw colour; red vinegar comes from Italian red wines and tends to be ruby ​​red. A simple secret, always on everyone's lips.

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Apple Vinegar

A vinegar with a double soul since it was born from the double fermentation of Italian apple juice. It has a delicate taste and a low acidity and is rich in purifying and toning properties. It stands out for its discretion and elegance with which it will be able to give unusual and refined notes even to the simplest of salads.

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Decoloured Wine Vinegar

This wine vinegar is ideal for the preparation of pickled dishes (in particular, those based on fish), thanks to its characteristic that, on the one hand preserves the colour of the food with which it comes in contact, and on the other it enhances all the flavours.

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On Certain Occasions, have a King to Announce You.

There are occasions that deserve our best. This is why we thought of including the best of Varvello products in precious gift packages, so as to offer your friends the beauty and goodness of a vinegar that will never cease to amaze you.

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