Varvello vinegar. Nobles are born.

Varvello vinegar. Nobles are born.

Varvello vinegar. Nobles are born.

Varvello vinegar. Nobles are born.

The nobility, even that of the soul, is a genetic heritage and is certainly cannot be bought in the market. This valuable rule also applies to our vinegar. Born from great wines, that only Piedmont can offer, Varvello vinegar has cultivated and refined its nobility since 1921, thanks to the passion, commitment and dedication of a company that has always known how to be renewed over time.
In this way, while our products age with the traditional methods, the company always finds a way to remain youthful by investing in new technologies.

Varvello Cellars. Discover a treasure of flavours.

Just enter and smell: our cellars in La Loggia are characterized by a realm of flavours and sensations harmoniously combined together. Precious aromas of wood, fruit, flowers and various scents fascinate and captivate every visitor in a unique, elegant and surprising way.

It’s not by chance. Our vinegars are made only from Italian wines, and like all the great wines, they age in Slavonian oak and American larch barrels: four months for the white wine vinegars (preferably from Sicily), and over a year (sometimes two years) for those from Piedmonts wines. Here is the secret of the excellence of the particular bouquet that makes Varvello wine vinegars unique.

A secret will be revealed to you from the very first taste.

The image of the king on our historical labels and the crown on the logo represent the official recognition that was given to the only real vinegar. A well-deserved title and confirmed over time by market experts who recognize and confirm the unmistakable majesty.

But today Varvello also means Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI, produced in Bastiglia in the heart of the typical area.

Here the wine vinegar meets, in a wise mixture, the cooked must from the selected grapes (Trebbiano, Sangiovese, Lambrusco, Montuni, Albana, Ancellotta and Fortana).

Aging in barriques and oak barrels creates the inimitable taste of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI, in perfect harmony with the traditional Varvello quality.

This is another treasure to be revealed that makes the heritage of the scents and flavours of Casa Varvello even richer.


Have you ever toured the world of vinegar?

Varvello is not only the wine vinegar or the balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI. We also produce apple, balsamic glazes, tomato vinegar, fruit vinegar, vinaigrettes (with oil, vinegar and many other Mediterranean surprise) and other delicious vinegar and fruit-based condiments, having more than 60% export. This is a world waiting to be discovered. All that is left is to travel.

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