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Vinegar in Bulk: ideal for Canning Industry.

Varvello is specialized in producing vinegar for large canning industry: our customers include the most prestigious Italian and European companies in the field.

The reason for this success is the ability to produce large quantities at high and constant quality standards, while ensuring effective supply of Decolorized WineVinegar, Red and White Wine Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena I.G.P., White and Red Seasoning, Flavoured Wine Vinegars, Apple Vinegar and upon request Raspberry, Honey, Malt and Rice vinegars.

Products and formats

The products are available in:

- 300 hl tanks
- 1000 litre cubitainer
- 220 litre cans
- 20 litre cans
- 5 litre can

with preferred alcohol content up to more than 11% acidity for wine vinegars, thus allowing the best keeping quality.

The benefits for canning industry are also their origin from exclusively Italian wine, and most montegradi the same capacity, which allows a considerable saving on the incidence of shipping cost.

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