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It is quite natural that Piedmont houses a vinegar maker such as Varvello, which makes the selection of wines, the careful attention to the cellar and to ageing process its strengths in taste path.
The ability to select suppliers and wines is combined with the skill and the traditional Piedmont calmness of waiting for ageing creates flavours. Thus was born the Aceto Reale, that is Reale, Royal in English, as it is crowned by its quality, and Reale, authentic in English, as it is really made from wine, just like a good wine vinegar should be.

Varvello produces and distributes Aceto Reale RED line and GOLD Line (top of the range). The other renowned "house specialties" are the provision of vinegar in bulk for large canning industry and contract manufacturing for private labels and big brands.

Ageing with style
The experience gained and the care given to the ageing process is a Varvello peculiarity. Attention to quality is recognizable in wine vinegars aged in 50 cl bottles to 7.1% acidity and 0.7% residual alcohol.
Varvello was practically the inventor of aged vinegar: the first to introduce this product on the market in the '60s, offering "table" wine vinegar to 7 degrees, to distinguish it from the one to 6 degrees used for cooking. Varvello aged vinegars slowly mature in Slavonian Oak and American Larch barrels (up to 4 months white ones and over a year red ones): this gives them the aroma and that specific bouquet that make them excellent to season all salads, cooked and raw vegetables and to prepare tasty dishes, from meat to fish, up to deliciously matching wild berries, strawberries and ice cream.

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