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Sweet and Sour Seasoning – White Fine Dressing
Acidity 5%

From Varvello's wineries to high international cuisine, here is the "King" of seasoning: a special blend of white wine vinegar aged in oak barrels and grape must. It is like a balsamic vinegar, but without caramel and with lower acidity (5% instead of 6%), which makes it extremely delicate.
So, it has all the flavour and aroma of the precious traditional Balsamic Vinegar, but without colouring the food with which it comes into contact.
Ideal for restaurants and delicatessens, is a great seasoning that does not stand out for its colour, but for its taste. A new recipe especially designed for meat and fish, fruits and vegetables, which gives all delicate dishes a perfect sweet-sour taste and incomparable aroma.
Available with natural flavours: Mango, papaya, passion fruit, raspberry, black pepper, lemon and many others.

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