The Winery

Special attention to quality and taste, but also to the nose: a large winery full of wooden barrels for wine vinegar. We are in La Loggia, near Turin, in the heart of Piedmont, a land of great wines.
Here enological tradition is an ancient art and the ability to select the right wine is crucial to get the best vinegar. Varvello vinegars, like the great Italian wines they come from, mature in wooden barrels, the Slavonian Oak and American Larch (with a capacity of over 20,000 hectolitres out of nearly 80,000 total): four months for white wine vinegars, over one year for red ones. Here is the secret that lies behind the particular bouquet that makes Varvello vinegars so special.
A record dedicated to both taste and quality.
Made in Italy Production
Varvello diversifies its production in the best way possible:
- 2 brands with which to identify its products: the "Aceto Reale" Red Line and the GOLD Line including top of the range vinegars;
- private label per Gd e GdO;
- a food company with its branded products;
- Italian and European food companies with vinegar in bulk;
- Ho.Re.Ca – Food Service;
- over 16.000.000 litres of wine vinegar;
- over 2.000.000 litres of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena I.G.P.;
- over 1.000.000 of vinegar based creams/glazes;
- over 1.500.000 litres of flavoured seasoning;
- more than 40% of production for export…

these are numbers making Varvello the ideal partner.

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