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Red wine vinegar 2 years aged in Barrique

Acidity 6,5% - Alcohol residue 1.4%

Varvello's top of the range and, according to connoisseurs, even the whole market top product. A quality aged vinegar, with a round, soft and particularly "winy" flavour, obtained by fermentation of selected table wines from Piedmont with high alcohol content.
The prolonged and wise ageing process in Slavonian Oak and Americal Larch barrels enhances its flavour and aroma thanks to the high percentage (1.4%) of alcohol residue left during fermentation.
Here are the virtues that make it simply unique:
- a higher percentage of alcohol residue;
- a higher wealth of non-extractive components and volatile compounds;
- a combination of chemical, physical and organoleptic properties perfectly harmonious and interrelated.
The result is a vinegar distinguished by greater palatability, refinement and value: a real wine vinegar to be tasted and savoured like a fine wine.

White wine vinegar aged in barrels

Acidity 7,1% - Alcohol residue 0,7%

White wine vinegar, made from natural fermentation of selected table wines, mostly Sicilian with high alcohol content, then aged in Slavonian oak and Americal Larch barrels for at least 4 months, it gives a delicate flavour to any summer salad with fish and white meat, and enhances the flavours of vegetables, ideal to use for making sauces and mayonnaise.

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